The sound of music

The sound of music

Try to listen closely to the sound of music that these walls shed out.

Just close your eyes and cast off your mind, your own noises, and listen for once. What you’ll find is a sound of a beautifully coordinated strum as your mood plays chords of your deepest desires.

You stay where you are, well, physically. But, the vibrations penetrate your skin, bones, and the switched-off neurons, until you move the way it wants you to, spiritually.

The music, the vibration, flows inside you, through you, from head to toe. And it unties all the knots that you got tangled up over the course of this existence. And then it aligns somewhere inside. The void.

That void you work so vigorously to fill, day in day out, without even knowing by clinging onto him, her, them, a 100 kinds of distractions and then some.

But you failed miserably, every day, every time. It was inevitable, really. And you knew that too, just didn’t want to accept it, yet.

But, this music, these vibrations, they align around this void in the form of a sheath and kiss the corners softly, silently and you feel the love at that moment.

Go a little deeper, stay with it for a few more moments, and this music, these vibrations, they might even fill this void, if you are lucky, albeit momentarily, but you will feel it.

When all this time, you did everything they told you to just to make it all a bit easier. You acted like you were ‘supposed to.’

When the drugs, alcohol, sex, and everything in-between didn’t help. They were never a permanent cure anyway.

This is the moment when that emptiness finally overflowed with subtle vibrations of life and you finally lived.

This is the moment when that vacuum could never suck in all the little fragments of life that you just gathered and you finally lived.

Through these walls that played you the sound of music to the tunes of your deepest desires, you finally lived.

Even though it only lasted a moment or two, and only seconds later, the strum turned sour, and the chords messed up, at least you got to live.

And isn’t that all we are really yearning for? Beneath all the glitz, glamour, and money, just a chance to live a little? Feel the subtlest vibrations of life, and hopefully, just hold onto it?

You just need to listen closely. The sound of music that these walls shed out can bring about changes galore.

And if you have ever felt it, the sole purpose of your whole life now has to be to chase that moment and make it last as long as you can. I really hope that you can!

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