What really matters in the grander scheme of things?

Write, paint, sing, dance, create masterpieces in whatever medium you can. Nothing else matters in the grander scheme of things anyway.

Everything that’s seemingly important is useless, petite, microscopic in a grander scheme of things. But it all eventually joins together to give us an illusion of the whole. But, is that illusion, really?

Because impactful events do happen. The action does breed appropriate consequences. Karma does strike. But, will all of it matter in 1000 years?

Individually, they won’t, perhaps. They are all infinitesimally small, microscopic in nature, just like you and I.

But, put the actions of everyone together and the present always shapes the far away future.

So, what shall we do? How shall we live? Should we give up?

Maybe, it’s not as bad as it sounds. These small things that seemingly don’t matter do keep us occupied and saves us from going insane. So, shall we rise above it?

It has its risk, the risks of transcendence, enlightenment, going insane. It might be a snow-filled road, knee-deep in things that are scary, mysterious, and dark with no light in sight.

But, what we do have though is a promise of an unknown. And this willingness to explore this secret is what keeps us going anyway.

Would that matter in the grander scheme of things?

Perhaps not. Perhaps more than you could imagine. You never really know. It has always been that way.

Those who promise all the answers are always the ones causing the most harm.

Those who promise all the answers are always the ones responsible for a generation of the population, all dumb and mindless. Following in the footsteps, never carving their own.

But, those who promise all the answers are also the ones who shape the future. For better or for worse. Usually, the latter. It is what it is.

Perhaps, there is more to it. Perhaps it was all an accident. A freak, weird, beautiful, unfortunate, one in a billion chance of an accident that we came to be. You never really know. Unless you have all the answers. But, you can’t have that.

There are still so many mysteries to decipher.

In the darkness there is an imaginary land full of mysteries, I’ve felt it. I’ve never been there, but I’ve felt it. Is it real? I don’t know. The things we imagine must have some fragment of truth in it, otherwise, why would it come to us? How would it come to us?

Perhaps, I will decipher these mysteries, someday. And then I would write about it, I will reveal all the answers, and you will laugh, mock, and throw them away in the trash.

And that’s good, really. Don’t follow, never follow, carve your own path. Take cues, inspirations, suggestions. Act on it, experiment, fail, fall, cry, get depressed, go mad, develop issues, struggles, almost commit suicide multiple times, get up, come back, repeat the process, and eventually, you might get somewhere.

Eventually, you might stumble onto a few pieces of truth. And when you do, reveal it to everyone, as many as you can. And maybe, in 100 years or so, somebody picks it up and carries on your work.

Because, this work will always be incomplete, in fragments, you can’t reveal the entire truth by just using the languages and words. But, these fragments of truth might still be a very important catalyst in the grander scheme of things.

So, don’t give up. Keep writing, painting, singing, creating arts, and masterpieces in whatever medium you can.

It might not matter in the grander scheme of things, but then again, you just never know…

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