Much Needed Nonsense

We’ve been through so much

Guy, Ocean, Whatever

We've been through so much

Did I disappoint you?
Did I break your precious little heart?
Did I not match your lofty standards?
Was it all inevitably going to fall apart?

Was I too selfish?
Too self-obsessed?
Too self-conscious?
Was I aloof?
A loner?
A moody bastard?
Am I not the same man you fell in love with?
Or was it all a lie anyway?
Fucked up emotions,
Chemical imbalances,
Hormonal imbalances,
Is that all there is?
Was it all that transpired between us?
Or is there something beyond that?
The love we read about, listen to,
Watch, feel, hope, wish, dream about,
Does it exist?
Because if it does,
We never went there,
We were wasted away on the periphery;
And now it haunts us, hurts us, makes us suffer,
I don’t think we have enough left,
To get back up and start again, together,
I know you agree,
We’ve been through so much,
It’s best we walk away,
But then again,
WE have been through so much…

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