To Jane

To Jane – Just a bunch of spiritual nonsense

The head is clouded, the eyes are heavy,
The anxious twitches of how it should rather be.

I am sorry, Jane, but nothing I’ll say tonight will make sense to you. Not that it makes any sense to me. It seldom does, anyway.

My mind has been wandering nervously, ragingly, frustratingly at a few different places, locations, dimensions.

While, here I am, empty, anxious, spent with a deep void in my head that has since been invaded by the demons of darkness.

I am the hunted one tonight, Jane, I am the prey, available cheaply, on a silver platter to the Gods of douchery.

The pain and agony I feel at this very moment are worse than getting kicked in the balls 23 times in a minute. It’s just a guess, an educated one.

But you wouldn’t know, Jane. You wouldn’t know, because you are not here. You are never here. Why the fuck are you never here?

I need you tonight, Jane, more than ever. I need you to touch me, hold me, grab me, kiss me all over my body, creep inside my head at my most vulnerable, and fuck my brains out for 2 hours straight.

And I need you to do it again and again and again until these thoughts, the crazy, the rage in me have lost their energy to move, to exist.

Until these demons, the darkness, the screaming silence, and the methodical chaos, they have ceased to exist.

Or until I, eventually, cease to exist.

All I want, Jane, is a pure me, with you filling in every cell of my body. It’s the only way for you and me. And I want all of it to be intense, oh so intense! Like, being struck with a 240V of electric current right between my eyebrows, straight into my pineal gland.

And I want to embrace that Kundalini feeling, even if just for a moment before I dissolve into the chaos of the unknown.

Jane, you need to look at my face and realize that I want you inside of me each time with even more intensity and passion. It doesn’t matter what and where it all leads to.

At this moment, that’s all we need, Jane. At this moment, that’s all that matters, before we both cease to exist.

If it ain’t love of the highest spiritual nature then what is?

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