The Will To Let Go Poem by Much Needed Nonsense

The Will To Let Go

The Will To Let Go

Body heats up, the temperature rises,
The silent creeps of intense passion, tinglings,
Like an artist diving deep into the Blues on his acoustic Guitar,
The haunting, the unfamiliarity, the shivers in the body,
Yet a longing to dive in further and farther,
Until I can finally let go…

Is there not a land made up of dreams and magic?
All dark and beautiful, beyond fear?
There must be,
For all imaginations have some fragments of truth,
Or they wouldn’t conceive in someone’s head!

And this one has been in my head since forever,
Pulling me in, relentlessly, like gravity,
Like an addict longing for heroin,
Or an artist longing for inspiration,
And this one demands me to let go,
Let go of all there is,
Of all, I am made up of and surrounded by,
The materials, the crowd, the chain of unrestrained thoughts,
This one demands me of my life, as it is!

And to tell you the truth,
I’ve had moments where I almost did all of that,
Grazed its skin and came tumbling back,
Scared, unprepared,
Losing a drop of sanity each time,

There are moments when I’m willing to let go of everything,
But I resist,
For now…

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