The flight and the fall

The flight and the fall

It was a beautiful night covered with chars,
Rain poured down like heaven,
The sky shined brightly with dim stars;
The Sun mellowed in a corner,
The Moon grabbed the center stage,
Eyes wet, we stared at them together,
Smiling with a clear haze;
I remember that was the day,
When I finally fell off the ledge;

The white fluffy clouds roared with thunder,
The black ones trembled with delight,
We lay on the rooftop naked,
While you looked stunning in your best white;

And I remember the picture, oh so vividly,
The Moon pulling me up with her gravity,
I flew among the mountains, Oceans, and a bunch of stars,
Eyes closed, arms flailing, it was the best I felt by far;

The birds ran to their hiding below,
The Dogs flew up to their nests,
It was a thing of beauty as all hell broke loose,
But then you had to shoot me in the chest;

I died and came back the following day,
You had made me my favorite dinner,
The Dogs barked in the alley below,
The Sun was back in the center;

The ledge I fell off has been repaired since,
I hope not to fall back again,
But if I do, I know that you,
Won’t mind shooting me again.

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