Depressed dog

The art of depression

The art of depression

Depression is sweet, depression is beautiful,
The ones who are against it, afraid of it,
They’ve never been truly depressed;
For if they had been, they would know,
That depression is sweet, depression is beautiful;

But not everyone is fortunate enough
Least of all the attention seekers
Being truly depressed requires time and patience
There’s a road of anger, anxiety, and frustration
That you have to walk alone on
Without giving up just yet
You have to bear with it
Through all the fucked up trash whirling in your head
And the urge to blow your fucking brain with it
You have to bear with it…

Slitting the wrist doesn’t help either
Throwing a vase against the wall, amateurs!
Putting your fist through the wall, anger issues!
Screaming is known to help
Drugs and alcohol, to a certain extent
But, at the end of the day
You have to bear with it
For hours, days, and weeks, maybe months
You have to bear with it
Alone, in solitude, just yourself
You have to bear with it
It’s a road, a process, a slow one
And most people get stuck in this limbo
It’s not the depression yet,
Just a fucked up initiation
Bear with it…

Until you are truly ready
Until you arrive at that point
Where you are finally content…with grief
When sadness surrounds you, but ironically
The head is clear
The grief isn’t necessarily a bad thing
If it fills the emptiness in you
And it surely does
When you are truly depressed
And finally, ready to let go
When nothing bothers, and even if it does
You don’t care anymore
When you are in the equilibrium
A stone, a zen, a sad zen
While life happens, and you let it
Ready for anything, everything
Coming your way

In those beautiful moments
You are truly depressed.

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