Saudade - The existential longing


When the sun goes down,
The streets turn lonely;
The Coffees and milkshakes are replaced,
With cigarettes and whiskeys;
When the pretense, the make-ups,
The small talks, the fake laughs,
They aren’t the front runners in your head any more;
In that precise moment, tell me,
What is it that you long for?

When the lights are off,
And the darkness steers through your eyes,
Into your head,
Engulfing all the dreams of glory, ambition, power!
I want to know, in that particular moment,
What is it that you long for?

And no, I am not talking about love!
Or the dreams of resting your head,
In them arms so forgiving,
The hope, the affection, the security; not at all,
No, this goes deeper,
And even just for a second, if you can dive in,
Tell me, what is it that you long for?

It’s not simple,
It’s not easy,
Many have failed to look past,
Many are afraid to even try;
It’s unsettling, unnerving, anxious, intimidating,
But once you’ve felt that moment,
You become obsessed with it;
Obsessed with what you truly long for,
And the ways to end that agony,
The only one true life purpose,
Everything else sort of takes a backseat.

It’s risky, yes, this obsession,
And I would understand,
If you would rather live under the sun.

But the nights are mysterious,
With its darkness, howlings, and stillness,
And if you ever wanna come this way,
If you ever wanna dive in,
Just keep asking yourself,
What is it that you long for?
‘What is it that I long for’?

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