Just for a moment- Dog in an existential crisis

Just for a moment

Even if it is just for a moment,

At last,
This peaceful feeling of being alone at 3 am
The darkness surrounding the room
With a copy and a pen in hand
Oh, what wouldn’t I give,
And haven’t already given
To live this way
The way I am supposed to be living
High on caffeine, low on thoughts
No one near to distract me from my path
No one to talk, no one to judge
Or invariably send my neurons to work
Just overwhelmed by pure emotions; The indescribable ones
Trying to pen down something, don’t care about the rhymes
Enjoying the regular piss that the caffeine induces
The spiritual silence only enhanced
By the dogs barking in the alley down there, somewhere
Streets still silent and safe from the monotonous struggles of…
Life, is it?

Another night where the beauty of the stars and the half-naked moon goes unnoticed
While we lay on the couch, engrossed in the commercials
About the things, we ‘need’ and ‘want’
The way we are supposed to look and talk
I’ve been one of them crowds too
But tonight, I’m trying to live the life I’m supposed to live
Even if it’s just for a moment…

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