I don't think he loves me anymore

I don’t think he loves me anymore

‘I don’t think he loves me anymore.’

Surfing through the channels, absent-mindedly, they are all the same. The eyes always fixated on the TV screen like glue searching for bits that would capture the interest, hopefully, just for long enough.

The worn-out eyes that used to twinkle in my presence had lost their vigor a long time ago. They only work to fulfill their basic task now. The magic isn’t there anymore.

The types of kisses where our lips and tongues intertwined in a rhythm for hours at a time. The collision of teeth, the biting of lips, has been replaced by a peck on the cheek. Just for the sake of it.

The promises and dreams of having all of those moments last forever…

I remember the naive concerns,’ ‘Darling, would you love me the same, 10 years from now?’

‘Would you still wrap me in your arms like a blanket in the snow?’

‘Always’, you would whisper softly into my ears and I believed you.

‘Always’, you would whisper softly into my ears and you meant it too.

But, that was then. The wheels of time have broken up all our charms.

The wrinkles around the cheeks have replaced the radiant smile that would light up the room, your mood, your soul.

It’s just an expressionless face now, usually too worn out of exhaustion, not even trying to hide the disappointments of broken promises. The somber eyebrows are dead giveaways.

The kisses have been few and far in between; A brief coming together of lips, just enough to provide a reason to drag this charade for the sake of memories and habits.

But, where did we go wrong, my dear? How did it all come to this?

‘I don’t think he loves me anymore.’ Maybe, he never did?

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