Anxiety - The only true friend

Anxiety – The only true friend

Happiness is fickle,
Anxiety is the only true friend;

It’s all their in the head
Them thoughts rolling around deliberately.
A million there are
Stumbling, jumping, overlapping,
Never inadvertently, you realize,
Once you dwell deeper, and you do,
Each one of them with a single purpose
How to make it worse than yesterday
Each one of them, motivated, focussed,
Even in their chaotic mess
Masterfully pushing you to the edge;
Maybe, I’ll end it all today;
Maybe, I’ll end it all this way;
Yeah, maybe, but you don’t,
You won’t;
Why would you?
It’s gonna happen eventually anyway
Just may as well ride it out;
Happiness, the only state I strived for,
Fickle, fickle happiness;
In all my lows,
Anxiety is the only one that stayed,
And I took it for granted;
Anxiety, the only true friend,
And I took her for granted;
Not anymore, though
So, here I am now, one with her,
All anxious and spent,
Them million thoughts,
Still stumbling, jumping, overlapping,
Pushing me to the edge,
But this time I don’t resist;
What’s going to happen
It Will happen eventually anyway…

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