Satori - A moment of magic

A moment of magic

In the search of a moment of magic.

Things appear quite different when you stand on the rooftop of a multi-story building at 3 am.  The pluckable stars, the reachable moon, an open invitation from the sidewalk below, all you need to do is take a chance!

But, having just jerked off, you would rather light a cigarette, while the mind is fixated on 43 different kinds of things. The existential crisis reigns supreme.

So, the smoke slowly moves in, submerges into the bloodstream, and knocks on the doors of Dopamine. Thankfully, she’s home tonight!

The chemical reaction that follows inside is only enhanced by the delightfully cool summer breeze of May. The perfect combination!

There’s a Dog sitting in the alley below, under the dim light of a half-broken lamp post. It’s yet another case of an existential crisis.

It’s a pity that the Dogs can’t smoke or jerk off. They wouldn’t have the need to bark so much if they could.

Or maybe, that’s the reason they do so at 3 in the night. Maybe, they are jealous of us. I know I would be too!

But if only you could ignore all of that and lie down with your eyes closed, the screaming silence of the atmosphere only superseded by the noises in your head that slowly begin to come to the fore.

You know, there’s no saving you if you start to associate yourself with these noises. A shortcut to hell it is.

If you could only detach yourself from them noises like they are purposeless chatters originating from miles away.

If you could only detach yourself from everything that, you believe, keeps you sane. You will realize that there is a certain kind of intensity, a madness, that originates in that head of yours.

A certain kind of current that pushes you to reach them places and zones that you had never ever dreamt of.

The place where all the worries, responsibilities, and ordinary of the day are replaced by the relaxed ecstasy of the night.

It’s the ‘zone’ of a thousand orgasms. The zone where all you need is a pen and a notebook, a brush, and an empty canvas. And it promptly leads you to create a masterpiece.

The creation of a masterpiece for which you are just a medium. Nothing more.

Where things happen through you and all you do is sit there, be open, and let it.

Where you don’t think, interrupt or do anything, but just stay, and ‘be’, that’s it.

It doesn’t happen every day. In fact, for some, it doesn’t happen at all.

Ancient people have a concept called ‘satori’. Maybe, this is what they meant by that word.

All I know is that it’s nothing short of magic! And when it does happen, you are truly blessed, even if it’s just for a moment.

But, that’s all we need, don’t we? A moment of magic. In fact, this is where the search truly begins.

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